Photo of Antenatal Class with New Life Classes“I couldn’t more highly recommend the New Life Classes in Bristol which are led by experienced midwife Bonny and course organiser Iona. In the six pre-birth sessions we’ve done so far we’ve covered pregnancy, labour, labour complications/interventions, feeding, looking after a newborn and mental health/relationship changes. I feel like Bonny has given us really thorough and balanced information based on national guidelines, her experience as a midwife and as a mother of three.

Compared to what friends have said about other antenatal classes I was pleased we covered topics like induction, instrumental deliveries, caesarean’s and bottle feeding, as things don’t always go as planned…

The sessions are crammed full of tips, interactive and lots of information is posted on the Facebook group after sessions so we can look into topics further. Enthusiastically run and evidence-based – I think these classes are excellent for any first time parents!” Kate B. (Netmums review)

“A wonderfully engaging and informative course delivered with care, sensitivity and the right amount of fun by a midwife with an obvious passion and bags of real-life NHS experience.” Nic and Jola

“Great course as an alternative to NCT. Really liked that it’s midwife-led and evidence-based and felt like I could trust the experience more going into the uncertain times of not knowing whats next with my pregnancy.” Zoë and Dave

“Amazing course – fun, honest and more in line with modern day parenting. Thank you for easing us into parenthood. No question seemed too silly…we’ve left with so much more understanding. Thank you.” Niki & Tom B.

“We would recommend New Life Classes to anyone, they have been informative without being overwhelming, and they have filled us with confidence in starting parenthood. We always look forward to Tuesday evenings and found them relaxed, friendly, interesting and fun! The biscuits were nice too! Thank you so much.” Nic & Chris D.

“Fantastic course, worth every penny. Violet was lovely and very knowledgeable. I feel much more prepared for baby’s arrival now. Thank you!” Nichola and Jason 

“Very informative. We were amazed at how much there is to learn. We now feel much more informed and ready for the birth of our baby.” Laura & Adam T.

“Could not recommend NLC highly enough – very practical advice and thorough course content.” Becky & James

“Emma delivered the course material in a very informal way and made the course fun. We feel very prepared!! Thankyou!” Rich and Sam 🙂

“This course has been incredibly valuable and informative. Excellent social interaction and discussion, covering everything that you need to know, in a relaxed and informal manner.” Leila & Jon H.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed the New Life Classes and would definitely recommend to other new parents to be. Very insightful and informative.” Naomi & Sam

“A very good, practical and research-based course in an open and friendly environment. The course leader (Dany) was very experienced and offered excellent advice.” Hayley & Phil E.

“Very informative, excellent knowledge. Learnt masses, especially on labour and childcare. Great teachers 🙂 !!” Beth & Jamie B.

“Very informative but casual enough to feel at ease and ask questions. Great teachers! Great biscuits!” Mark & Leyna A.

“The course has provided me with an insight into the joys and challenges of parenthood. Thanks to a supportive and friendly environment I feel more confident to deal with many eventualities. Thank you!” Carly & Liam L.

“Great trainer (Kate), useful and practical advice. Good fun too!” Abby & Chris J.

Photo of Bathing a baby with New Life Classes

“We have just finished our new life classes and are waiting for our first baby to make an appearance! We have been so impressed with the course and feel like we have learned everything we need to know and met some lovely people along the way.

Iona and Bonny are a great team and each week was a relaxed and informative session, incorporating interactive elements and group discussions so you don’t feel like you are just being spoken at.

I felt really pressured into joining NCT but am so glad we chose these instead. It’s a judgment free atmosphere, and although in some sessions the topics are more intense than others, we always left with smiles on our faces feeling that little bit more prepared for what’s about to come! I would wholeheartedly recommend these classes to any soon to be parents.” Louise W. (Netmums review)

“Really good classes for first-time parents. So glad we signed up to them. We now feel much more prepared for the arrival of our baby. Carley was great, approachable and friendly. Thank you so much.” Jane & Jon

“The course is very useful and provides a depth of important information on all aspects of pregnancy, birth and caring for the baby.” Ffion & Edan K.

“Informative and really does prepare you! Emma was fab and the attention-to-detail was second-to-none. See you at the birth!” James and Nida

“We are really glad we attended, not only to meet other people in the same boat as us, but because we learnt lots!” Jainika & Nimesh

“Fantastic course that has prepared us well for the weeks ahead! Violet and Iona are very experienced, friendly and good fun! As this course is led by midwives, the information provided is current and evidence-based. Thank you!” Hannah and Jon B.

“The course has been extremely helpful. We feel equipped with the practical knowledge we need to take the next step.” Amy & Simon R. 

“Thankyou. Now so much better informed. All bases covered. Thanks again! So nice to have a knowledgeable professional imparting their experience.” Will & Meg


Photo of Changing a baby with New Life Classes“As a doctor (and in my case an obstetrician) I chose New Life Classes the evidenced-based approach really appealed to me. I was really impressed with the sessions, which were comprehensive and fun.

Although some of the content was familiar to me, I learnt loads and found the classes a great opportunity to focus on my own pregnancy rather than everyone else’s! I particularly welcomed having the chance to discuss my birth preferences with a non-judgmental and supportive team who have helped me to have the confidence to aim for the midwife-led unit!” Sarah C.

“Bonny and Iona had clearly put a lot of work into presenting thoroughly researched comprehensive information in a clear, accessible and enjoyable way. Emma ensured the classes were friendly and relaxed. We picked up valuable tips from every session and would highly recommend these classes.” Paul C. 

“I came to New Life Classes clueless about what to expect and my responsibilities. I feel that we have learned a lot and we feel prepared!!!” Terri & Mark R.

“Excellent course. Informative and interestingly presented and great chance to meet people.” Irina & Lee R.

“An excellent course – really friendly and engaging course leader, and useful tips and tricks.” Charlotte and Ed

Photo of Birth positions with New Life Classes

“We would highly recommend Bonny and Iona’s New Life antenatal courses – they deliver very professional sessions in a really fun, interactive, practical, and informative way. There can be an overwhelming amount of information and opinions flying around when you have your first child and New Life really helped to prepare us for the arrival of our little boy. The sessions were never a chore, Bonny and Iona were always very supportive and a pleasure to hang out with.” Tim & Estelle C. 

“Thanks Ellie – you were a great course leader and really knowledgeable.” Rosie & Ben

“Very useful info, we’re now feeling more prepared for having a baby. 5 Stars!” Kathryn & Adam

“Before we started this course we had no idea. Now we feel ready as we can be and can’t imagine having a baby without it!” James & Jess J.

“We have learned so much valuable information and it’s great to know it’s coming from an experienced professional.” Georgia & Dave.

Photo of Massage with New Life Classes“My husband and I really enjoyed our New Life Classes. We both feel much better prepared for starting a family now, we hadn’t realised how little we knew till we started the classes. The course is run by professional midwives so all the information is really up-to-date. The classes are very relaxed and friendly and as well as being informative, they have also been a great way to meet other new parents. I would highly recommend these classes to all soon-to-be mum’s and dad’s.” Samantha & Rich A. (Google review)

“2 thumbs up.” Claire & Joe F.

“We came in lacking knowledge and not knowing what to expect. We left feeling informed and ready for parenthood (or at least as best we could be!)” Alicia & Daniel W.

“It’s a really informative course and Violet is a knowledgeable course leader. We feel a lot more confident in having a baby now.” Tom and Silvia J.

“Violet was fantastic and provided us with so much helpful advice and comprehensive information in a really reassuring way. Thank you!” Kate & Tim H.

Photo of Team work, changing a baby with New Life Classes

“My wife and I signed up for New Life Classes before the birth of our little boy, Edward. Neither of us were quite sure what to expect going in, but after just the first class we realised that we had made the right choice. The classes were very informative and engaging, we particularly enjoyed the ‘hands on’ practical elements.

When the big event arrived we were well prepared, unfortunately the birth did not go as smoothly as we had hoped and we ended up in theatre. However, thanks to the classes we knew what to expect and were able to cope with the situation without panicking.

We made good friends with the other people we met on the course and enjoy going to different activities with our respective babies together. We would definitely recommend the classes to anyone that is expecting. Thanks again Iona and Bonnie.”  Philip H. (Netmums review)

“We really enjoyed the course and Violet was an excellent tutor! We feel much more prepared from the course.” Felicity & John B.

“Brilliant course. We feel much more confident about both the experience of childbirth, but also the practicalities of dealing with a newborn. Thank you so much.” Laura & Adam C.

“We feel so much better prepared than when we started the course – hopefully we’ll now know what we’re doing!” Steve and Emily

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Photo of Safe Sleep with New Life Classes

“My partner and I booked onto the New Life classes in Bedminster, after finding I’d left it too late to get on to NCT in our area. We loved the classes. They were really informative, but also informal, in that we were able to ask lots of questions (and we asked loads) and being first time parents, none of our questions seemed silly. The classes felt non-judgmental, with discussion covering various choices re pain relief/breast-feeding etc. We met lovely couples at the class and my partner (who is a Nurse) felt they were very research lead, which made him happy! Would definitely recommend these classes.” Vicky H. (Netmums review)

“New life classes have been brilliant. We thought we knew things but it really provided us with with more information. We feel more prepared for our baby. Thank you.” Lynsey & Jon G.

“The course is very helpful for first-time parents. It goes through things we wouldn’t have even thought about. Well worth the money and get to meet new parents too.” Amanda & Craig T.

Photo depicting a New Life antenatal class

“My husband and I decided to attend New life classes after NCT cancelled on us last minute. They were really excellent, couldn’t recommended them more. Really friendly, relaxed and laid back with a very realistic view of birth and beyond. Ceri was an excellent teacher with such a lot of midwifery experience behind her!” Alice S. (Netmums review)


“A really useful course that put both our minds at rest. It was great to meet new people in the same situation as us who knew equally as little as us at the beginning.
Dany was lovely and very welcoming.” Allex & Tom

“We really enjoyed the course and found it really helpful. All the staff were brilliant!” Hannah & Karl 

“Really useful and informative we feel (almost!) ready for our baby now.” Doug & Kate A.

Photo of Breastfeeding with New Life Antenatal Classes“We have just finished our New Life Classes and could not praise it enough. Sessions were informative in a personal, relaxed manner. Topics covered everything we need to know before our baby arrives. All sessions were led by amazing midwives who could offer guidance in a non-judgemental way. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to book classes.” Abi G. (Netmums review)

“We really enjoyed the class – Knowledgeable leaders and learning about how to welcome our baby” Jo & Adam S.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course – thank you.” Katy & Guy

“We came away feeling much more prepared than we expected.” Claire & Simon W.

“Excellent and informative. Thank you!” Milly & Diarmaid S.

One of our Dad’s even wrote a blog about his experiences with New Life Classes….Check it out here.

“Great course to cement what you already know and an opportunity to ask any silly questions. Also a great way to meet people going through the same thing as you.” Sam & Tim B.

“Really useful course. Loved that it is all based on evidence and NICE guidelines. Much better than NCT!” Nell & Duncan L.

“It has been very helpful and reassuring to receive lots of information about all the options and risks associated with pregnancy and birth!” Tom & Fiona M.
“Informed and educated advice given by a working midwife made me feel so secure. Also very easy going advice, not pressing too much in any particular direction but emphasising common sense. Hannah is wonderful – made us feel really informed and relaxed. A great course.” Suzannah & Edward