Photo and testimonial about New Life antenatal class programme

Antenatal Class Programme

Our antenatal class programme consists of six teaching sessions in five weeks before your baby is born, and a postnatal reunion. The postnatal reunion will be organised by your course leader.

Birth partners play an important role in supporting you during labour – we therefore advise that your birth partner attends the antenatal classes with you, whether it’s the Dad, a relative or friend. Our course fee includes your birth partner, there are no extra costs. Find out more about the role of the birth partner here.

“My husband and I really enjoyed our New Life Classes. We both feel much better prepared for starting a family now, we hadn’t realised how little we knew till we started the classes. The course is run by professional midwives so all the information is really up-to-date. The classes are very relaxed and friendly and as well as being informative, they have also been a great way to meet other new parents. I would highly recommend these classes to all soon-to-be mum’s and dad’s.” Samantha & Rich A. (Google review)

Session one: Understanding your third trimester (two hours)

  • Preparing your home life for the big day
  • Choosing the best place to have your baby
  • Communicating your birth preferences effectively via a birth plan
  • When to contact your health professional

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Session two: Labour: all your questions answered (four hours)

  • Practical tips to help with a long latent phase
  • Understanding the three stages of labour
  • Managing your pain naturally or with medication
  • Top tips that will help you be a great birth partner

Session three: Planning for the unexpected (two hours)

  • Understanding the induction process
  • Coping strategies for a caesarean or instrumental birth
  • Tips on having a positive birth experience even when things don’t go to plan
  • Birth debrief – the benefits of speaking to your labour team

Session four: Feeding your baby (two hours)

  • Top tips for breastfeeding
  • Managing common feeding problems effectively
  • Expressing and formula feeding safely
  • The role of your support network in a positive feeding experience

Session five: Life changes with a baby (two hours)

  • Preparing for the individual life changes
  • Relationship changes: partners, family and friends
  • Managing your mental health
  • Practical coping and communication strategies

Session six: Caring for your newborn (two hours)

  • Nappy care and keeping your baby clean
  • Responding to the needs of your newborn
  • Why babies cry, and how to cope
  • Signs of a healthy baby, safe sleep and SIDS prevention

Session seven: Your new life, the early days (two hours)

  • Reunion – time to show off your babies
  • Feeding re-visited
  • Understanding your baby’s sleep
  • Your questions answered
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“Compared to what friends have said about other antenatal classes I was pleased we covered topics like induction, instrumental deliveries, caesarean’s and bottle feeding, as things don’t always go as planned…” Kate B. Click here to see what others said about New Life Classes.

Additional support

We believe you and your birth partner should have access to midwife-led care, to support you through the latter stages of your pregnancy and the early days of parenting. That is why all our course leaders are midwives.

Each course leader will set up and manage a dedicated Facebook group for their class members. They will be available to answer any questions you might have – and refer you to other specialists, if need be – for the duration of your time with us.

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“We have just finished our New Life Classes and could not praise it enough. Sessions were informative in a personal, relaxed manner. Topics covered everything we need to know before our baby arrives. All sessions were led by amazing midwives who could offer guidance in a non-judgemental way. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to book classes.” Abi G.