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Photo for Breastfeeding superfoods

Breastfeeding superfoods

Getting the right nutritional balance when you are breastfeeding is really important for you and your baby. Whilst your milk supply may not be effected by what you eat, there is a catch – your body will always put your baby first. It will take the nutrients it needs for your baby’s milk from its own stores – this can affect your energy levels and general health and wellbeing, if you aren’t getting the nutrients you need from your diet.

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Photo of mum and baby with caption why it's important to eat well in the fourth trimester

Why is it important to eat well after birth?

The three months after your baby’s born are commonly known as your fourth trimester. Focusing on eating well after birth, or during the fourth trimester is really important. It will help your body recover from birth, restore hormonal imbalances and replenish depleted nutrient stores – this is especially important if you’re breastfeeding.  Continue reading

Photo of dates, foods that help your body prepare for birth

Foods that help your body prepare for birth

There are a lots of different foods that will help your body prepare for birth.  For example, from 36 weeks you can begin drinking raspberry leaf tea, which has traditionally been used to help start labour. It ripens your cervix and starts toning the muscles in your uterus, in preparation for labour. It is also a rich source of vitamin C which is good for your skins elasticity, as well as immune function and wound healing. Continue reading

Photo of cake - balancing blood sugar levels in pregnancy and post-birth

Why is it important to balance my blood sugar levels?

Learning to eat in a way that keeps your blood sugar levels balanced is vital for your optimum health and functionality. During pregnancy your increased blood supply and levels of certain hormones mean you are more likely to experience dips in blood sugar (energy lows). This makes that balance harder to achieve. Continue reading

Photo of marketplace - foundations of a healthy diet part two

The foundations of a healthy diet: part two

This article contains really useful information about the vitamins and minerals you need in your diet whilst you are pregnant, which foods you can find them in and why they are important for you and your baby. The information has been broken down into an easy-to-read table. Continue reading

Photo of coconuts - managing oedema with a healthy diet

Managing Oedema, fluid retention, in pregnancy with a healthy diet

Oedema is retained fluid that causes swelling, particularly in your hands and ankles, during pregnancy. There are a number of things which contribute to this, including mineral deficiencies, too much sugar and salt in your diet and by your hormone levels changing. There are lots you can do to reduce the likelihood of oedema, through what you eat and drink. Continue reading