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Photo of woman running

I’ve had my baby. When can I exercise again?

So you’ve had your baby and you are now ready to return to exercise. You want to regain your body and pre-pregnancy fitness levels…but wait! You need to return slowly and gently, and ideally in a dedicated postnatal exercise class that takes into account all the changes your body has undergone over the past nine months. Continue reading

Photo of safe exercise in pregnancy - second trimester

Safe exercise in pregnancy: 2nd trimester

Knowing what you can and can’t do whilst pregnant, can be a real minefield. With so much, often conflicting, information on the web it can be confusing too. Whilst it’s important to exercise in pregnancy, it is also important to do so safely and not to overdo it. So, we asked Sarah Dineen from Fit2Drop to give us some advice on safe exercise in your second trimester, based on her professional training and the many hundreds of women she’s seen safely through pregnancy. Continue reading