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Photo: Prepare your toddler for the arrival of a second child

Prepare your toddler for the arrival of a second child

The arrival of a new baby can herald significant changes in family dynamics, particularly if it’s the second child. This can be challenging enough for adults to cope with let alone a toddler, who has comfortably spent their first years of life as an only child. We asked Dr Maryhan Baker, a child psychologist who specialises in helping parents raise happy, confident children to give us some advice on how to make the arrival of a new sibling as easy as possible for you as parents, and your child.

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Photo of Using aromatherapy in pregnancy and labour

The benefits and uses of Aromatherapy in pregnancy and labour

Essential oils have been used for their therapeutic qualities through the ages. And, whilst there is little medical evidence to their benefits a growing number of midwives are trained to use aromatherapy oils during labour. So, we asked Tara Persson who is a qualified aromatherapist, specialising in pregnancy and postnatal aromatherapy, to give us a more detailed view of how you can use aromatherapy in pregnancy and during labour. We hope you enjoy her guest blog…

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Photo of Christmas mindfulness colouring - New Life Classes

Mindfulness: Enjoy a calm, stress-free pregnancy

Anxiety and stress aren’t good for anyone. But even more so in pregnancy, as regularly feeling stressed or anxious can affect your health which isn’t good for you or your baby!  Mindfulness is a simple style of meditation, that helps you focus on the present and help you calm a busy mind.

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Dad changing baby in front of a christmas tree - birth partner tips

Ten Lords a leaping: Birth partner tips for Christmas

Christmas is a busy time of year, and even more so when there’s a baby on the way (or just arrived!). So as a birth partner or new Dad, you have an important role to play. We’ve come up with some birth partner tips, that will help you make her Christmas special and stress-free.

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Festive Mocktails

9 (pregnant & breastfeeding) ladies dancing with festive mocktails

Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be jolly. But when pregnant, there’s that list of foods you should avoid, and of course drinks you can’t enjoy – mainly alcohol! So, whilst jugs of mulled wine and bottles of fizz might be off the cards this year – it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with mocktails as an alternative!

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Photo of Breastfeeding tips for the holidays - New Life Classes

8 maids a milking, breastfeeding tips for the holidays

OK…so the 12 days of Christmas start on Christmas day, but we couldn’t resist bringing this one out a little early! Holiday season is well and truly upon us. Which probably means last-minute shopping, a countdown until visitors fill your home – or you head to a loved-ones home for the festivities. This can be tough for a breastfeeding mum, which is why we’ve put together a few breastfeeding tips for the holidays!

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